Introducing our new windshield banners

Advertising made easy

It’s no secret that potential buyers want to know the most important information about a vehicle straight away when they’re looking around the showroom. As part of our goal to help dealerships sell cars quicker and easier, we’ve recently launched a new windshield banner to help advertise the outstanding qualities of each vehicle for sale.

We’ve designed a banner template which dealerships can use to build a unique, custom-printed sticker for car windshields. The information included on the banner is set by you, and can include anything from the vehicle’s make, model, and year of manufacture to noteworthy luxury or safety features, sale price, and mileage. The banners are available in different color palettes and with space for contact information, so they can be completely customized to match your dealership’s branding.

To see a sample of our new windshield banners, click here.

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