Unique custom-printed window stickers are now available

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We’ve enhanced our vehicle advertising options by launching a new, unique custom-printed window sticker. We’ve combined the advertising features of a vehicle details sheet and the warranty information of our buyers’ guide, and we’ve incorporated them into a single, informative window sticker. And what’s more, they stick to the outside of your vehicle’s window so customers can read the information easily even if your vehicle has tinted windows!

Our new window stickers are completely unique and can be easily customized for each car in your inventory. Our template allows you to include your own dealership’s logo, branding, and contact information as well as highlighting all the relevant information about the vehicle’s details and features. Our template even generates a unique QR code for each vehicle in your inventory so potential buyers can save the vehicle details, photos, and your contact information for another time—or share the information with a friend.

To see examples of what your unique, custom-printed window sticker could look like, click here.

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