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A Consumer Perspective on New Car Photography

The time is now to start taking pictures of new vehicles

Now’s the time to start maximizing the potential of your new car inventory!

If your dealership is not already taking pictures of new vehicles, it’s time to get in the game. Many dealers nationwide are photographing their entire inventory due to the high demand by consumers online.

The Internet is the #1 place for consumers to shop your products. A dealerships website is the first place a prospective client will meet your brand, and get to know your company. You want the consumer to scroll through inventory, and generate interest in your vehicles. If they scroll through pages of inventory and only see stock imagery, they are going to move on to the next dealership. If they scroll through third party sites like or AutoTrader, that stock photo will be skimmed past on the consumer’s way to view a real, tangible vehicle by a dealer who does picture new vehicles.

Oftentimes dealers think the consumer does not care, that [...]

Why Actual New Vehicle Pictures Are Superior to Stock Photos

New Car photography is a vital step for dealerships to sell more new vehicles

According to a new study conducted by Kelley Blue Book Marketing Research among in-market car buyers, 90 percent of vehicle shoppers would prefer to view actual photos of new vehicles currently on the dealer’s lot than view stock photography of a vehicle they are interested in buying.

When it comes to purchasing a used vehicle, viewing photos of the exact vehicle, its options, condition and mileage help a potential buyer make a purchase decision. But, when it comes to buying a new vehicle, in-market shoppers say they want to have that same luxury; seeing photos of the exact vehicle on a dealer’s lot before driving to the dealership. Today, most dealerships use stock photography of new vehicles provided by the manufacturer to showcase current model-year vehicles.

Recent market research shows nearly 70 percent of today’s new vehicle shoppers are turning to the Internet for new vehicle research. Nearly half of these shoppers visit at least [...]

Our website has a new look!

New look, same outstanding service

We’ve launched a new website to better serve dealerships. The website not only has a new look, but it’s also been specifically designed to make it much easier to find information about the services, plans, and products we offer.

In addition, we’ve migrated our client login-in area to a separate server to keep our client data as safe and secure as possible.

Unique custom-printed window stickers are now available

Presenting all the information the customer needs in a clear and informative way

We’ve enhanced our vehicle advertising options by launching a new, unique custom-printed window sticker. We’ve combined the advertising features of a vehicle details sheet and the warranty information of our buyers’ guide, and we’ve incorporated them into a single, informative window sticker. And what’s more, they stick to the outside of your vehicle’s window so customers can read the information easily even if your vehicle has tinted windows!

Our inventory management system now operates in real time

Because there's no time like the present!

At AutoExperts USA, we understand that potential buyers could be browsing the internet at any time of the day or night to find a vehicle to suit their needs. That means it’s crucial to get your latest vehicle listing online and accessible to the public as soon as possible. The latest update to our inventory management system addresses this need.

AutoExperts USA now distributes data to over 200 online classified sites

Reaching 20 million unique visitors each month

AutoExperts USA now distributes data to over 200 online classified sites with an audience of almost 20 million unique visitors each month. Save time by controlling your entire dealerships inventory distribution from one location.

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