A Consumer Perspective on New Car Photography

The time is now to start taking pictures of new vehicles

Now’s the time to start maximizing the potential of your new car inventory!

If your dealership is not already taking pictures of new vehicles, it’s time to get in the game. Many dealers nationwide are photographing their entire inventory due to the high demand by consumers online.

The Internet is the #1 place for consumers to shop your products. A dealerships website is the first place a prospective client will meet your brand, and get to know your company. You want the consumer to scroll through inventory, and generate interest in your vehicles. If they scroll through pages of inventory and only see stock imagery, they are going to move on to the next dealership. If they scroll through third party sites like Cars.com or AutoTrader, that stock photo will be skimmed past on the consumer’s way to view a real, tangible vehicle by a dealer who does picture new vehicles.

Oftentimes dealers think the consumer does not care, that “they already know what a new car looks like” or they “have twice as many new cars as used and it would be a nightmare to keep up.” Well, car dealers of the world, it is now a known fact that consumers are far more likely to buy a car when they see photos first.

Consider this scenario: you’re buying a car. What’s more likely to grab your attention? A stock photo of a generic new model, in generic wheels and colors, or the actual car you may buy, the color glistening in sunlight as it will the day you drive away in it, the body freshly waxed, the leather seats visibly soft saying, “pick me!”

Consumers have changed, and so must the dealer. It’s time to start thinking the way your customers do. They are well-researched with the Internet at their fingertips. This is one of the most expensive purchases in the customer’s life; it’s a representation of self. They know what they want, down to every detail of the car.

Don’t let future customers slip away. You’re already giving them the deal they need, now give your customers the transparency they expect. Confirm the validity of their purchase and make this a seamless transaction. Contact AutoExpertsUSA to get your new car inventory up online today!

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